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Anqiu Fuhua Foods Co., Ltd was founded in 1995 in Anqiu, Shandong Province by the Japanese Ikeda Sugar Chemical Group (founded in 1904 as a famous condiment manufacturer with more than 260 R&D teams and a century-old reputation in the Japanese food industry) as a Japanese-owned company.
It has a registered capital of $6.4 million and covers an area of 100,000 square meters which is mainly engaged in the processing and sales of vegetable juice, dehydrated vegetables, frozen vegetables, canned soft drinks, seasonings (liquid, semi-solid, solid, flavoring oil) and other products, which are exported to Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries.
In November 2015, the company launched the domestic sales of the new brand “Chefresh”. This series of products, a competitive product based on Anqiu Fuhua’s more than 110 years of condiment production experience in Japan, has established cooperative relationships with some famous food buyers. Now the domestic sales are increasing every year.
The company has invested heavily in the purchase of the advanced food production and R&D equipment and product quality detection equipment. The Japanese-style management method is adopted to ensure strict management according to the standards such as ISO9001, HACCP, FSSC22000, which provides guarantee for the product quality of the company.
In order to meet the needs of customers, all staff aim to exceed the expectations of our customers and provide them with safe, secure and healthy food to actively promote the development of natural, delicious and healthy food.

Company Name: Anqiu Fuhua Foods Co., Ltd.

Date of Establishment: June 1995

Address: Nanyuan Road, Anqiu, Shandong Province, China.

Registered Capital: USD 6,400,000 (Total investment: USD11,860,000)

Type of Company: Limited Liability Corporation (wholly foreign-owned)

Business Scope: Processing and sales of frozen vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, vegetable juices, canned soft cans, canned foods (other canned foods), seasonings (liquid, semi-solid, solid, flavoring oil), spices, flavors (liquids, solids), apples , frozen fruit; Compounding of wine, beverages; Acquisition, wholesale and import and export of various agricultural and sideline products; Test and consultation services for agricultural and sideline products; Wholesale and retail of prepackaged food.(If the above scope involves quotas and permits, it shall be implemented in accordance with the scope approved by the license and relevant state regulations ). (Projects that need to be approved according to law may be subject to the approval of the relevant departments before the business activities are carried out. The validity period is subject to the permit).

  • Tel: 0536-4261111
  • Fax: 0536-4261555
  • Add: Nanyuan Road, Anqiu, Shandong Province, China.
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